Pray for Us

We are only standing because of the love God has poured out on us through his church in prayer. Thank you so much for your ongoing support. We have been asked by dear friends for specific prayer needs for us and our community. Here are some of our greatest needs for prayer at this time:

The Vulnerable

Our community has many vulnerable people with it. Refugees, the elderly, children and youth, single parents, those with mental health needs. Please pray they receive the right amount of support, love and provision, that no one would go unnoticed. Please pray the community get the best support and advice available. 

Our Team

We are a small team, please pray for us to have energy, strength, hope, courage to make wise decisions and for unity. 

Please pray for our leadership team, Jackie, Simon, Mary and Jamie, for strength, rest, wisdom and hope. 

EDEN LADBROKE GROVE - Please pray as we set up trauma support for families in the community, hoping to start in September. Supporting both parents and children.

Pray for the team to serve Ladbroke Grove well and building lasting relationships.

Pray as we start to create a summer program of trips and holiday clubs to bless and serve the young people in the area.

AANYA continues to run as part of Eden supporting girls in our local community to become all they can be through mentoring, youth provision, residential's, sharing food and faith. Please continue to pray for all young people affected by recent events. Please pray for an increase of workers and for financial provision.

Next Steps

As we look to respond to the community we may need to expand our current team. Please pray for wisdom as we work out what we may need and the best people to join us at this time. Please also pray we have wisdom in the best ways to respond. 


Whether it's local school teachers, head teachers, heads of government, local faith leaders and church youth leaders, we would ask for continued prayer for good and wise decision making. Continued compassion and unity. 


We have been overwhelmed by people's generosity. We are so grateful to God for the support of the church with visitors, donations, prayer and finance. 

Thank you so much