A picture of Church   

We have a vision for what we want our church to look like:

I see a loving church that gives glory to God through Jesus
Where people see what God is doing and joyfully join in

     I see a church where darkness, death, emptiness, brokenness, hopelessness and strife
     Are replaced with light, life, fullness, wholeness, hope and peace

I see an inclusive church where faith expresses itself through love
That sings a song of love, truth, justice, mercy and compassion

     I see a caring church where the lonely find family
     And each person is supported to fly, to find their destiny

I see a church where the wind of the spirit is blowing, disturbing, caressing and shaping

      I see a strong church that holds firm to the truth, and brings
      Freedom to the downtrodden, recovery of sight to the blind and release to the captives

I see an attractive church that pulsates with vibrant life
Full of people who draw people to Jesus “Come and see!”

     I see a journeying church where people walk the walk and share life together,
     An Emmanuel place

I see a church where all are welcomed in the embrace of God
A place that causes him to smile, and smile again

     I see a church where the broken are equipped to reach others
     Where the power of God is present for all

I see a cloud the size of a man’s hand on the distant horizon
A promise of the heavy rain to come.

     Come, Lord Jesus, come