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At this time it's more important than ever to do our best to stay well and to be kind to ourselves and others. This page points you to some useful sources of information.

There's a lot of fake "information" flying around, so the best place to go for anything about the Corona virus is the NHS website here  
Information about Kensington and Chelsea Council's response to the virus is here 

f you are struggling to access food at this time for whatever reason, advice on sources of support is here. This page includes the service provided by Age UK for over 65s and the service provided by  the Council in partnership with others for the under 65s.  There are a number of other great initiatives locally including:
- Bay 20 Community Kitchen (hot meals for the vulnerable)
- St Francis Community Church (delivering non-perishable foods on Thursdays),
- Tabernacle Christian Centre (food bank and some hot meals)
Find out more about these and other sources of food 
Latymer can make referrals for people we know to the food bank at Notting Hill Methodist Church.

Whilst many people are doing amazing things at this time,  sadly some people are using it as an opportunity for scams. It's so easy to get caught out at a time when we are experiencing stress, so find advice on avoiding Corona scams here and avoiding phone scams here
When things are difficult it can also make existing difficult situations worse, so there's advice on what's available if you are experiencing domestic abuse here