Overseas mission

The church supports a number of missionary organizations working around the world.

AWMArab World Ministries is an evangelical, international and interdenominational mission family that is enabling the peoples of the Arab world to become part of the Body of Christ, proclaiming Him as Lord.


Barnabus fundBarnabas Fund sends support to projects which help Christians where they suffer discrimination, oppression and persecution because of their faith. They raise awareness of the persecuted church, encourage prayer, and contest injustice where appropriate.

Eurovangelism colourEurovangelism works with Churches, Organisations and individuals in Eastern Europe as they seek to make Christ known through their words and actions. They support a variety of projects including Alpha, Church Planting, practical care, and teaching and training.

PaulCathyPaul Middleton is a pilot with Mercy Air, South Africa. They provide a safe, professional and cost effective aviation service to the wider humanitarian aid and mission community in southern Africa. It provides lasting aid to victims of natural and human disasters in the southern African region. Paul’s wife Cathy works part time at Africa School of Missions teaching basic medical skills and is part of a team which visits a rural clinic once a week. Rural Education Development and Child Welfare Scheme is a registered Non- Government Organization (NGO) based in Mityana, Uganda, East Africa. The scheme was founded by Pastor Makumbi of Mityana Miracle Centre Church in January 1999 to respond to the increasing number of orphans and vulnerable children whose parents have died of the HIV / AIDS virus & other killer diseases. Projects include a primary and secondary school, a micro-enterprise scheme, and HIV/AIDS training and care.

Mityana Church

Fairtrade fortnightThe Church is also a Fairtrade Church, committed to purchasing fairtrade products where possible, and promoting fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight.