Pray for Us

At this time around the anniversary, please pray for:

The community in general:

        The Anniversary to be a time that helps in the healing process, even if it’s painful and intensely emotional for many

      People to experience the God of all comfort at this time of renewed grief

      The many churches and other organisations who are providing memorial events and activities, that each person may find things that are helpful to get them through this difficult time

      Peace in the neighbourhood as this may also be a time of renewed anger and frustration

      The media to report the Anniversary sensitively and well

      The weather: last year it was really hot and humid; and similar weather reminds us of it

      People to experience the God of all comfort at this time of renewed grief

Some particular groups:

      The most vulnerable, including the bereaved and survivors, but also those in our community who already have mental or physical health problems, at this time of sadness and stress

Our young people, many of whom have been deeply affected by Grenfell, and who may lack the vocabulary or emotional maturity to be able to express how they are feeling

All who are having significant difficulty in sleeping, especially on the night of the anniversary, but also many are experiencing on-going insomnia

      The Muslim Community, for whom Ramadan finishes on the evening of 14th June

      The 72 households who are still living in hotels and the 57 households who are in temporary accommodation. Most of these have accepted an offer on a permanent home, but it takes some time to sort out all the necessary arrangements


      Give thanks for all those who have supported us in prayer, practically and emotionally during the past year

Our team who are dealing with all of their own emotions, and several other difficult situations, at a time when we also want to be available for our community

     Latymer to be a place of peace and reflection as we are open from 14th – 17th June

      Our Community Tea on Saturday 16th June

The Public Inquiry:

      The truth to emerge from all the different witnesses, so that lessons can be learnt

      The bereaved and survivors, and all of us in the community for whom hearing the details of some of the failings re-opens some of the pain, and for those who bear the burden of any kind of responsibility for what happened

      Sir Martin Moore-Bick, the Chair of the Inquiry, for wisdom and compassion, for all the professionals involved in presenting the evidence, and for the witnesses