About Us

Our vision is to follow Jesus, love people and make disciples in Ladbroke Grove. 

Our key behaviours or values are to be: 

  • Biblical – this value provides a basis of all that we do.
  • Prayerful – we believe that God responds to the prayers of his people.  All we do is therefore rooted in prayer.
  • Evangelistic – we believe that the most loving think we can do is help someone to meet Jesus.  The invitation to follow him is open to all but we respect an individual’s personal freedom to explore faith or not.
  • Experimental - the world is constantly changing and in order to be relevant we need to try new things.  We acknowledge that sometimes we may make mistakes but we need to be pioneering and flexible to release talent and gifting so that we all can fulfil our potential.
  • Generous – God is generous and loving to all he has made.  We seek to reflect his generosity by being generous to those we encounter in both spirit and action.